Web Apps Development

We can provide solutions that will rapidly transform your business. We use Ruby on Rails framework that significantly accelerating web development process and utilise front end frameworks, such as AngularJS and ReactJS.

We focus on creating bespoke applications, which are tailor made to meet your requirements and expectations.

Smart Factory Solutions

We specialise in building advanced in-house and easy to use applications that enhance production, maintenance, logistics, quality and control.

These solutions ensure your production processes are efficient, transparent and well documented.

Big Data Acquisition

We designed and developed systems for data acquisition, which can be fed from multiple measuring devices. Our systems work in diverse environments and gather data from following protocols ModBUS RTU, ModBUS TCP, Snap7, Profinet, UDP.

Systems Integration

Ruby Logic can provide specialised middleware solutions for your organisations.

We are experts in system integration development which communicate via SOAP, Web Services and other protocols.


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Frozen Cloud

big data / data acquisition / SMS alerts

Thousands of sensors, several measured parameters, all easily managed and monitored plus instant analysis. That's Frozen Cloud platform.

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transportation / logistics / kanban / lean /SaaS

eKANBANAPP is an on-line application that supports transportation of Raw Materials and Finished Goods in a production plant.

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Action Plan

enterprise / planning / 6s / quick kaizen /SaaS

Action Plan supports managing and running action plans in an enterprise. It also has extra modules for 6S audits & Quick Kaizen.

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great / addresses / available

On this site one can buy web address in domain. The name "" sounds the same as Bielsko, out home town.

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Your application

logic / inside / business / outside

We can not wait to create a new application, this time for you.

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"Oh, it's been 3 hours since I've started fixing this bug and still I haven’t found the solution? Am I doing something wrong?". Well, haven't you just focused on that new cool album of your favourite artist that has just been released and kept it playing over and over again? That's what I thought. But your colleague did the same thing and made progress, so - what gives?
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May this Christmas be bright and cheerful and may the New Year begin on a prosperous note!
Aleksander, CEO
We will be attending “Industry 4.0” conference in Wrocław which will ensure we stay at the cutting edge of innovation and promote our great ideas and solutions.
Aleksander, CEO