Working in a production plant environment we realized that materials delivery process almost always causes big problems and misunderstandings between production workers and internal logistics workers. We diagnosed 3 main problems that make the delivery process inefficient, not transparent and hard to manage.


We don't have to convince anyone that delays in materials delivery are serious problem that may affect almost any aspect of a production. The delivery process slows down or even stops the production which causes struggling to meet deadlines and that may lead to lower quality and more complaints from clients.


Miscommunication not only leads to delays but also causes mistakes. Without good communication a production operator does not receive what he or she has ordered.

No data for analysis

A lack of data for further analysis makes improvement of the delivery process hard if not impossible. Even for experienced managers it's hard to make any improvements not being aware of problems occurring during transport of materials.


Having in mind what we had witnessed in many factories and what was mentioned in the previous paragraph we came with a RubyLogic-like solution,eKANBANAPP.

Case study ekanban 1

eKANBANAPP is an on-line application that supports and significantly improves transportation of Raw Materials, Work in Progress and Finished Goods in a production plant. It is available as a service, maintained and supported by Ruby Logic team.

The application is advanced and implements complex algorithms. On the other hand is extremely easy in use even for non-technical users. The user interface is clear and prepared to look and work well on mobile devices.


Production operator

Forklift driver

Another forklift driver



Using eKANBANAPP is beneficial in many areas and it's hard to list all here but there are a few aspects that are improved the most.

Rapid implementation

The benefits begin even before you start using eKANBANAPP. It takes less than 10 days to start fully-configured application in a production plant.

Deliveries acceleration

Thanks to eKANBANAPP real time features, user friendly interface and advanced configuration settings the delivery process accelerates significantly right from the start.

Thanks to eKANBANAPP we managed to reduce the average delivery time by more than 50%.Head of Logistics in 750+ operators production plant

On-click analysis

eKANBANAPP provides an instant analysis of key factors in a form of a beautiful graph or a table. It is also possible to export all main data to XLSX format for further analysis.


Try it out

We would like to invite to to try out our application by clicking on the link below and signing in as one of the following users.

  • Signing in as a production operator: operator / demo20
  • Signing in as a forklift driver: driver / demo20
  • Signing in as a quality check: quality / demo20
  • Signing in as an analyst: analyst / demo20