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First and foremost, the Maintenance Department needs tools for inventory and preventive actions planning. In addition, it should be equipped with mechanisms for monitoring environmental parameters in real time.

Challenges waiting for you in maintenance

  • How to plan preventive actions?

    A large number of factors must be taken into account when planning preventive actions in a production plant: available resources, production related time limitations, machines criticality, structure of the production line, days off and holidays and many more. The prevention plan is usually the result of the expert knowledge of one specialist who is the bottleneck of the whole process.
  • How to monitor the mechanics' working time?

    The workplace of maintenance department employees is the entire plant. That is why it is more difficult to supervise specialists scattered throughout all areas of the factory. This can lead to a very inefficient use of human resources, and thus to significant financial losses.
  • Where to get data for analysis?

    The maintenance department without mechanisms for calculating KPIs such as: OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) or MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is somewhat blind. Management is not oriented in the current situation and trends that may be negative.

Tools that can help you

OMMS-class systems

OMMS (Online Maintenance Management System) is a group of projects and a series of implementations of systems supporting processes in maintenance departments. They handle among the others: inventory of machines and equipment, registration and processing of events, planning preventive actions and supervision over spare parts warehouses.

All you need in maintenance

OMMS is a comprehensive solution for the maintenance department. The system has modules responsible for the recording of machines and devices, prevention planning, spare parts warehouse, gathering documentation or verification of crew skills.

Real-time analysis

The maintenance department to determine its effectiveness often uses indicators such as MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) or OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency). OMMS includes a module for calculating these indicators in real time in various scopes: for the entire plant, for location, for a group of machines, for mechanics and many others.
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