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Main areas of expertise
We have performed over 80 successful implementations for corporate clients from Poland and Western Europe.
We have skills and competences to significantly improve business processes in the following areas.

Logistics and planning

Processes of logistics and planning are the bloodstream of the factory and thanks to them it is possible to manufacture high-quality products. User frinedly and easy-to-use planning tools, as well as reports and analyzes available in real time are something that enables an efficient work of the department.
  • Electronic KANBAN

    Forget about paper kanban cards. Forget also about delays, incorrect deliveries and disputes between logistics and production representatives about who's guilty. The eKANBAN application is a simple solution that allows to reduce more a mean materials transportation time by a half and achieve 100% order-delivery compliance.

    Simple to use

    eKANBAN is an extremely easy to use web application that can be used by people who have no contact with a computer on a daily basis. Thanks to this, it takes around around 10 seconds to place an order while a delivery service takes 2 times for 5 seconds. In addition, eKANBAN does not require installation - all you need is network access and a web browser.

    Flexible and extensible

    On the other hand, eKANBAN is a very advanced and flexible system that allows its administrators to freely configure and map a production plant environment. In addition, eKANBAN easily integrates with external systems, e.g. SAP ERP, RFID or barcode identification systems.
  • Avis Board

    Avis Board is an easy-to-use notice board for unloadings and shipments notifications available online. By using a visual representation of time windows for shipments and unloading, the risk of congestion on docks is significantly reduced.

    Available online

    Like all applications created by Ruby Logic, Avis Board too does not require installation. All you need is a network access and one of the modern web browsers.

    Cost optimization

    Avis Board application is available on a subscription basis in the SaaS (System as a Service) model. It means that you don't have to plan big investments to start using it. You only pay when you want to use it.


Production is the main function of every factory. That is why it is so important that all production processes are efficient, transparent and monitored in real time. This allows to monitor production progress in relation to the plan on an ongoing basis and to respond quickly to any delay or other adverse effects.
  • ePlanning - production reporting module

    ePlanning is a true diamond! The application supports the process of planning planning and production reporting. It has already proven its quality and usability in many factories at all stages leading to the production of the finished goods.

    Simplicity first

    Thanks to its intuitive user interface ePlanning is an application that has revolutionized production planning and reporting processes in many factories. What once took leaders around 2 hours a shift and was fraught with errors, now is done automatically with 100% accuracy.

    Provides additional benefits

    All data entered into the system is used for analyzes, reports and charts available in real time. Indicators such as OEE or its components: Performance, Availability and Quality can be calculated immediately at any time frame and using different filters. The system also ensures the generation of any tabular reports.
  • BiP-class systems

    BiP is a name of a group of systems supporting processes in the production department. It's a real craftsman working not only in the areas of production reporting such as: finished goods and scrap reporting or recording of non-production time. It is also a tool to support various production-related processes, such as: trainings and examinations expiration date monitoring or conducting crew skills (polyvalence).

    Everything you need in production

    BiP system is a comprehensive solution for the production department. The system has modules responsible for monitoring production implementation, recording scrap and recoveries, and analysis of work efficiency. It also supports other production-related functions.

    Real-time analysis

    Production monitoring requires continuous and accurate results analysis. This is implemented through indicators including performance, percentage of scrap, value of scrap or efficiency. BiP includes a module for calculating these indicators in real time in various scopes: for the entire plant, for the location, for a group of machines, for the operator and many others.
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First and foremost, the Maintenance Department needs tools for inventory and preventive actions planning. In addition, it should be equipped with mechanisms for monitoring environmental parameters in real time.
  • OMMS-class systems

    OMMS (Online Maintenance Management System) is a group of projects and a series of implementations of systems supporting processes in maintenance departments. They handle among the others: inventory of machines and equipment, registration and processing of events, planning preventive actions and supervision over spare parts warehouses.

    All you need in maintenance

    OMMS is a comprehensive solution for the maintenance department. The system has modules responsible for the recording of machines and devices, prevention planning, spare parts warehouse, gathering documentation or verification of crew skills.

    Real-time analysis

    The maintenance department to determine its effectiveness often uses indicators such as MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) or OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency). OMMS includes a module for calculating these indicators in real time in various scopes: for the entire plant, for location, for a group of machines, for mechanics and many others.
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Enterprise management

Proper planning, delegation and execution of tasks is the basis function of an effective enterprise. Currently, it seems necessary to use for this purpose information systems that take care of all automatic action for us and which additionally communicate with each other.
  • Action Plan

    Get to know the versatile tool created to manage your business in a modern way. Thanks to the employee ideas module and audits module, you have the data you need to improve your business.

    Available online

    Like all applications created by Ruby Logic, Action Plan too does not require installation. All you need is a network access and one of the modern web browsers.

    Cost optimization

    Action Plan application is available on a subscription basis in the SaaS (System as a Service) model. It means that you don't have to plan big investments to start using it. You only pay when you want to use it.
What do you gain?
Monitoring the situation of our clients after implementation, we have observed improvements in the following areas
  • Higher quality
    of manufactured
  • Business
  • Better transparency and control
  • Faster response
    thanks to
    ad-hoc analyzes

Here's how standard implementation looks like.

  1. Business analysis
  2. Specification & offer
  3. Development
  4. Quality assurance
  5. Trainings
  6. Maintenance & support
  7. Further development
Success story
Współpraca z zakładem Cooper Standard w Lindau
W połowie 2017 roku rozpoczęliśmy współpracę z zakładem firmy Cooper Standard w Lindau Niemczech. Zaczęło się od wdrożenia systemu eKANBAN - aplikacji wspierającej proces transportu materiałów w zakładzie.

Po kilku miesiącach od udanego wdrożenia przedstawiciele klienci zgłosili się do nas z kolejnym zapytaniem. Tym razem chodziło o dedykowane rozwiązanie służące do planowania i rozliczania produkcji. Po serii konsultacji, wspólnie z klientem, stworzyliśmy system skrojony na miarę, który stanowi podstawę procesu planowania w fabryce.

Jak się okazało to był dopiero początek współpracy, która przynosi ciągłe korzyści obu stronom. System planowania produkcji jest bardzo rozwojowy i już pracujemy nad wdrożeniem go w innych działach i innych zakładach firmy.
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MTTR Calculator
MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) ratio is the average time from the moment the failure occurs to the end of repairs.Zobacz

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