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Processes of logistics and planning are the bloodstream of the factory and thanks to them it is possible to manufacture high-quality products. User frinedly and easy-to-use planning tools, as well as reports and analyzes available in real time are something that enables an efficient work of the department.

Challenges waiting for you in logistics

  • How to reduce delivery delays?

    Undoubtedly, materials and semi-finisheds delivery delays to production cells are the main problem occurring between logistics and production. They are also one of the main reasons for the low production to plan ratio.
  • How to improve warehouse-work centre communication?

    The second major problem is miscommunication between the consumers (production department) and the suppliers (in-house logistics department).
  • Where to look for data for analysis?

    In a constantly changing plant environment, the lack of quick access to complex analyzes is a real problem. Lack of information causes a lack of action, and this further results in remaining unconscious in a pathological situation.

Tools that can help you

Electronic KANBAN

Forget about paper kanban cards. Forget also about delays, incorrect deliveries and disputes between logistics and production representatives about who's guilty. The eKANBAN application is a simple solution that allows to reduce more a mean materials transportation time by a half and achieve 100% order-delivery compliance.

Simple to use

eKANBAN is an extremely easy to use web application that can be used by people who have no contact with a computer on a daily basis. Thanks to this, it takes around around 10 seconds to place an order while a delivery service takes 2 times for 5 seconds. In addition, eKANBAN does not require installation - all you need is network access and a web browser.

Flexible and extensible

On the other hand, eKANBAN is a very advanced and flexible system that allows its administrators to freely configure and map a production plant environment. In addition, eKANBAN easily integrates with external systems, e.g. SAP ERP, RFID or barcode identification systems.
eKANBAN is a solution that works well on all desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. As a result, the order for the delivery of materials or the receipt of finished products can be performed by any operator on a work centre. In addition, eKANBAN is equipped with a system for placing orders using kanban cards and this makes the delivery process even easier.

Avis Board

Avis Board is an easy-to-use notice board for unloadings and shipments notifications available online. By using a visual representation of time windows for shipments and unloading, the risk of congestion on docks is significantly reduced.

Available online

Like all applications created by Ruby Logic, Avis Board too does not require installation. All you need is a network access and one of the modern web browsers.

Cost optimization

Avis Board application is available on a subscription basis in the SaaS (System as a Service) model. It means that you don't have to plan big investments to start using it. You only pay when you want to use it.
The intuitive and ergonomic user interface combined with the email notification mechanism make the processes of preparing and accepting transports a lot easier for warehousemen and managers of the logistics department.
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