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Check what do we do?
Here's the list of competences that you might need now.
  • Business processes analysis

  • Software development

  • Mobile apps development

  • Web & Mobile UI/UX design

  • DB systems design

  • Systems integration

  • SCADA systems integration

  • IoT equipment integration


When implementing an IT project, engagement from both sides is extremely important. A project can be implemented successfully only when both the customer and the supplier are focused on delivering a valuable solution.
We can assure you that by choosing Ruby Logic you gain the assurance that each requirement will be well understood and the solution properly prepared. The rest of the implementation process is on your side.

Case Studies

OK, let's see some specific solutions then. Below are three cases of solutions that operate in large organizations and provide their users with real measurable benefits.
Great care for ensuring high quality solutions combined with careful listening to clients' needs brought amazing measurable effects. The numbers below speak for themselves.
  • 80+
    for corporate clients from 8 countries finished with success
  • 2800
    actively using Ruby Logic applications every day
  • 100%
    Success rate
    of our services proven by continuing cooperation

Our story

A picture expresses more than a thousand words. So see our promotional video to find out why it is worth working with us and what we can offer your company.

On the blog

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In free time

Quite often we are involved in initiatives and projects that give us knowledge and fun and are also very helpful for the users.

    It's a social media platform for mountaineering enthusiasts who want to keep whole mountain activity in 1 place, share it and compete with friends.

    It's a carpooling portal that allow its users to add and publish routes as a passenger or as a driver. It's optimized for frequently driven routes like everyday trip to work or school.