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  • For production plants

    In a large enterprise such as a production plant, regardless of the organization and work culture, there is always room for improvement. According to what Benjamin Franklin once said "Small leaks can sink a large ship", it is worth to constantly look for ways to improve.

    We offer both the development of the software that significantly improves factory operations, as well as business processes consulting in the following departments: production, maintenance, logistics, engineering, quality assurance and controlling.See the offer for factories
  • Software as a Service

    Working continuously since 2012 with clients from the manufacturing industry, we have realized that many problems are common and occur independently of the company.

    The result is the creation of several products available on a subscription basis in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Thanks to SaaS software you can gain improvement even faster - the average time to implement a SaaS application in your enterprise varies between 10 and 15 business days including users training and data import.Check SaaS products
  • For statups and individuals

    You have a brilliant idea and want to implement it, but you have no resources? Or maybe you want to improve your organization operations in the area of customers' relationships, integration with social media or advanced business analyzes?

    Great news! You've just found what you've been looking for. Check how we cooperate with startups and individual customers?Offer for startups and individuals
  • Free services

    We stick to the principle that not everything must be done for money. That's why we often engage in initiatives and projects that for us are a field of skills development and fun without deadlines. On the other hand users receive for free a tool or a service useful in everyday life.

    That's how sevices like - Polish carpooling portal or - a service for mountaineering enthusiasts, were created.
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