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Production is the main function of every factory. That is why it is so important that all production processes are efficient, transparent and monitored in real time. This allows to monitor production progress in relation to the plan on an ongoing basis and to respond quickly to any delay or other adverse effects.

Challenges waiting for you in production

  • How to improve production efficiency?

    A large amount of resources is also a lot of opportunities to waste them. Work on production is distributed accrss relatively large are and for that it is even more difficult to monitor operators work accurately. This leads to low production efficiency, low performance and poor use of resources. This further leads to demands for new resources that are not really required.
  • How to reduce the scrap ratio?

    Regardless of the degree of mechanization and automation of a production line, there is always a human somewhere. A well-configured machine rarely makes mistakec or even is 100% accurate. The operator, on the other hand, makes many mistakes. The less supervised he or she is, the more mistakes occure. A common effect is a high scrap ratio, especially if responsibility is dispersed.
  • How to reduce tedious reporting?

    While working on projects in many production plants, we've noticed that shift reporting usually takes shift leaders about 2 hours. In extreme cases it is even more. And yet data could be entered into reports by operators if they had the tools to do so. Then, at the end of the shift, the leader would receive a ready report for approval.

Tools that can help you

ePlanning - production reporting module

ePlanning is a true diamond! The application supports the process of planning planning and production reporting. It has already proven its quality and usability in many factories at all stages leading to the production of the finished goods.

Simplicity first

Thanks to its intuitive user interface ePlanning is an application that has revolutionized production planning and reporting processes in many factories. What once took leaders around 2 hours a shift and was fraught with errors, now is done automatically with 100% accuracy.

Provides additional benefits

All data entered into the system is used for analyzes, reports and charts available in real time. Indicators such as OEE or its components: Performance, Availability and Quality can be calculated immediately at any time frame and using different filters. The system also ensures the generation of any tabular reports.
ePlanning is a solution that works well on both desktop and tablet computers. Thanks to this reporting can be easily performed by operators right on the work centre. The entered data immediately goes to a common database and can be used to generate reports and analyzes. What usually takes BI (Business Intelligence) systems a whole day, ePlanning does in seconds.

BiP-class systems

BiP is a name of a group of systems supporting processes in the production department. It's a real craftsman working not only in the areas of production reporting such as: finished goods and scrap reporting or recording of non-production time. It is also a tool to support various production-related processes, such as: trainings and examinations expiration date monitoring or conducting crew skills (polyvalence).

Everything you need in production

BiP system is a comprehensive solution for the production department. The system has modules responsible for monitoring production implementation, recording scrap and recoveries, and analysis of work efficiency. It also supports other production-related functions.

Real-time analysis

Production monitoring requires continuous and accurate results analysis. This is implemented through indicators including performance, percentage of scrap, value of scrap or efficiency. BiP includes a module for calculating these indicators in real time in various scopes: for the entire plant, for the location, for a group of machines, for the operator and many others.
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