5 Quick Tips to Write LinkedIn Posts that Get Read

5 Quick Tips to Write LinkedIn Posts that Get Read

Aleksander Niemczyk

Using LinkedIn for a while I worked out some principles that helps to write posts that catch attention and are more popular. This post is ultra concise and it should be like that. Probably you are as busy as me and you don’t want to spend much time reading text someone grinding about the issue. Let’s start then.

1) People want to know who you are

First of all you have to take care of your profile. Change your headshot and cover photo so you look like a pro. Spend some time on the headline and the bio. The headline is more important because people won’t go further checking who you are if the headline is boring or absent.

2) Resolve problems

LinkedIn is not a Facebook and people go there for a specific reason, not to kill time. Be sure that your post touches serious problem or at least informs about significant change.

3) Visual content is obviously more eye-catching

Almost every post should be equipped with nice and eye-catching cover image. If you write a longer article it’s good to insert more images in sections as well.

4) Share your posts on other social platforms

That is ease. Once you’ve posted some great content on LinkedIn its time to start screaming about it. Copy links to your articles and posts and paste them to Facebook, Twitter, XING, Google Plus… wherever.

5) Be careful with links

LinkedIn degrades rating of posts with outgoing links so put links to the first comment rather then to the post.