Kaizen by Robert Maurer PhD - another great book you should read

Kaizen by Robert Maurer PhD - another great book you should read

Aleksander Niemczyk

Hi there. When I saw a weather forecast for the recent weekend I was near to fall into depression. Another 2 days of heavy rainfalls after 2 weeks of… heavy rainfalls. Fortunately I came across this great book by Robert Maurer PhD and it turns that the weekend wasn’t bad at all.

Kaizen wasn’t me

After the reading I stated that I had never performed any action in a Kaizen way. I am big fan of innovation and (r)evolution rather than continuous, steady and long term improvement. I learned it well and in most of the cases I succeeded but also I was a victim of a strawberry passion. I didn’t know how to resolve this problem and how to keep a hight level of optimism and involvement longer than for 2 weeks after starting an idea. Here comes Kaizen to help and to teach how to lead longer projects with a level of passion as on the first day.

Kaizen is (almost) me

I don’t think I will be able to completely change my mindset right now and start using small steps to achieve goals in every area of my life but Kaizen is definitely a correct direction and applying it one by one is, I believe, a good choice.

Give it a chance and read the book. Warning: it may change your life :) and you can swallow it in 2-3 hours. Good luck!