The situation of the manufacturing industry is improving

The situation of the manufacturing industry is improving

Aleksander Niemczyk

In March 2020, we all held our breath. Along with terrible information about the growing number of COVID-19 cases and new inflammatory outbreaks in other countries, we received equally bad news from the manufacturing industry. Every day we heard about more plants that stopped production, and their workers were sent home on demurrage.

The chart below, showing the daily production in relation to the highest recorded this year, illustrates it best.

Wznowienie Produkcji

Hopefully, it also shows a clear and continuous rebound starting in the first week of May and lasting until now (July 2020). Production is resuming on further production lines and plants have returned to more less 80-90% of their pre-pandemic capacity.

It is too early to say that the crisis is behind us, but the observed increases and better news from the manufacturing industry are encouraging and optimistic.

The chart of relative daily production to the maximum production was prepared based on the data from several Ruby Logic applications monitoring production processes in above a dozen of plants in the European Union.