OEE means Overall Equipment Effectiveness. It is an indicator, which defines efficiency of the use of machinery and equipment in the manufacturing plant. OEE is expressed as a percentage, and counted as a product of three other indicators: Availability, Performance and Quality.
Aleksander, CEO
"Oh, it's been 3 hours since I've started fixing this bug and still I haven’t found the solution? Am I doing something wrong?". Well, haven't you just focused on that new cool album of your favourite artist that has just been released and kept it playing over and over again? That's what I thought. But your colleague did the same thing and made progress, so - what gives?
Darek, Developer
May this Christmas be bright and cheerful and may the New Year begin on a prosperous note!
Aleksander, CEO
We will be attending “Industry 4.0” conference in Wrocław which will ensure we stay at the cutting edge of innovation and promote our great ideas and solutions.
Aleksander, CEO
Hi there. When I saw a weather forecast for the recent weekend I was near to fall into depression. Another 2 days of heavy rainfalls after 2 weeks of... heavy rainfalls. Fortunately I came across this great book by Robert Maurer PhD and it turns that the weekend wasn't bad at all.
Aleksander, CEO
I think I know what you're thinking now - another management b...t! 6 months ago reading such headline I would say the same. That was a time when I spent 10 plus hours at office and still had a lot of work not done. Then I decided to change something and what the hell: I tried to apply some of time management rules to my working day...
Aleksander, CEO
Using LinkedIn for a while I worked out some principles that helps to write posts that catch attention and are more popular.
Aleksander, CEO